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Prop Yoga classes in pimple gurav/pimple saudagar

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Prop Yoga Therapy

PERFORMING ART AND WELLNESS Prop yoga refers to the practice of using various yoga props to enhance and deepen one's yoga practice. These props can include items such as yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, and even chairs or walls.

Alignment: Props help to correct alignment issues by providing additional height, length, or stability where needed. This ensures that practitioners maintain the integrity of the pose and reduce the risk of injury.

Accessibility: Props make yoga more accessible to people of all ages, body types, and physical abilities. They can be used to modify poses to suit individual needs, allowing everyone to experience the benefits of yoga regardless of limitations or restrictions.

Props provide support to the body in various yoga poses, helping practitioners achieve proper alignment and stability. They can assist in maintaining a pose for a longer duration

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