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pratayahar yoga , yoga classes in pimple gurav, pimple saudagar

Pratyahara is a Sanskrit word meaning "withdrawal of the senses.” The two root Sanskrit words of pratyahara are prati, which means “to withdraw,” and ahara, which means “food;” in this case, “food” refers to any external stimuli that you consume with your mind.

How to practice Pratyahar?

Ideas for Practicing Pratyahara On the Mat Flow (safely) with your eyes closed. Practice without a guide, so you don't have to worry about seeing or hearing. Meditate in ways that focus on observing only your own mind rather than present-body awareness. Try to focus only on your inner self during Savasana.

What is the importance of Pratyahar?

Image result It calms the mind, slows the mental stimulation and reverses the disturbed flow of prana. Pitta types are already generally quite good at managing their sensory faculties but can sometimes overwork themselves in this area. As such, pratyahara should be used as a tool to rest and relinquish the control over the senses.

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